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How to choose your office chair

If you are searching for an office chair that is comfortable and stylish, there are a bunch of things you should know and consider before making the purchase. Considering that the average employee spends 1.700 hours per year sitting, the right office chair is a must have, and too often these are bought without really thinking of the health risks behind a cheap seat …

First of all, you shall consider ‘ergonomics’. This aspect plays a crucial role when deciding on the office chair to buy because it is directly connected with a person’s health. Research shows, in fact, that an ergonomic chair can reduce work related physical issues, which comes with a positive outcome for employers: sick leave time asked because of headaches, shoulders and backaches is fairly reduced. 

A very important feature, that makes an office chair a quality one, is the seat adjustability. It should be significant enough to guarantee that most people can sit comfortably and it is best if you can adjust the chair while sitting, so choose an office chair that has controls usable when you sit on it. The best chairs will come with adjustable armrests too. 

Another important aspect to think about during the selection process regards the dimensions of the office chair. While you want it to be as comfortable as possible, if your office is small or narrow you need to ensure that your chair fits in it and that you can move around.

Other considerations shall go to the base and stability of the chair – you know you can choose between normal or wheel bases, in both cases the chair needs to prove solid and stable -, the material the office chair is built with, and of course the padding.

Since they can be quite expensive, office chairs should last long. This is a product that has to be selected with care, attention, good thinking and it is essential that you choose a professional of the field – so avoid big chains that do not have good customer care or only work online. While it is okay that you spend on them, it would be a real shame if an office chair didn’t last long enough.

In conclusion, an office chair is a very important element in the day of an employee because it can improve his/her work and health. It is not smart to save on it, on the contrary, to improve productivity, happiness and health it is best to invest on a good chair. It is in the end a great long-term investment.


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